Help for investors

Investor support

New Caledonia is very favourable to foreign direct investment. It has developed numerous tax incentives for investors.

The Choose New Caledonia!  Unit is able to identify eligible public support schemes for your project and will inform you about the support you can apply for.

Among the many investment support schemes, the following are worthy of note :


Tax exemption

It allows investors to benefit from a tax deduction in return for their participation in the financing of a project. In 2018, overseas tax exemptions in New Caledonia amounted to nearly  24 billion XPF.

On average, 93% of the applications are approved. Tax exemptions allowed the implementation of strategic investments: the Gondwana submarine cable, the construction of the Sheraton Hotel in Gouaro, Deva, and the KNS metallurgical plant.

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Tax Credit

A tax credit makes it possible to subtract all or part of the cost from an investment made in certain sectors from your taxes. In New Caledonia, a tax credit can be granted for export-related expenses.


Equipment Assistance 

Facilitates material investments by covering part of the investment cost.


Support for Feasibility Studies 

It partially covers the costs of studies undertaken prior to investment: economic,  legal  technical feasibility studies  studies, impact studies, safety diagnostics, public accessibility studies, etc.


Assistance for Equipment Preserving the Environment  

It applies to investments in renewable energy production, as well as to  energy,  water saving and sanitation systems.