New Caledonia wants to  facilitate the  development of IT-related skills.

The Government has for ambition to facilitate equal access to digital services for all.

In 2019 :
IT represent 2,6% of GDP

The territory wants to modernise practices and attract new talents to develop digital content.


The IT sector currently represents 6% of GDP in OECD countries, while it only accounts for 2.6% of New Caledonia’s  GDP.


However, New Caledonians use of digital technologies has fundamentally changed. 72% of New Caledonians own a computer.


They watch videos and interactive contents or play games, pretty much like their neighbors in Australia and New Zealand.


The IT sector is under construction and offers numerous possibilities, such as e-commerce, internet access or the creation of digital tools and software. The roll-out of a second submarine cable will help strengthen New Caledonia’s links to the worldwide web.


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