Investing in New Caledonia

The New Caledonian Business Environment: a Promising Regional Environment


 New Caledonia’s five closest Pacific neighbors, outside of the French territories, are countries characterized  by their strong economic growth: Australia, New Zealand, but  also Papua-New Guinea and Fiji. These states maintain close economic and personal relationships with New Caledonia.

Why invest in New Caledonia ?


 New Caledonia, a land of pioneers and investors, is one of the world’ most beautiful islands. Thanks to infrastructures comparable to those of the big neighboring countries and qualified human resources, New Caledonia enjoys a high level of economic and social development and provides investors with numerous opportunities.

A Strategic Location

A Stable Currency

Safe and Stable  from a Legal, Monetary, Security and Health Point of View  

Investment-Friendly Measures

Modern and Effective infrastructures

An Exceptional Natural Environment

A Dynamic and Rich Market

A High-Quality Industry

A High Level of Education

An Exceptional and Tailored Level of Support