The Green Economy and Energy Transition


New Caledonia aims to transition to 100% renewable energy in public distribution by 2025.

New Caledonia has the ambition to develop recycling and waste management to facilitate nature conservation without hindering economic  development.

In 2019 :
3500 jobs linked to green economy

The green economy builds a bridge between economic development for all and the  protection of the environment.


New Caledonia is dedicated to this approach and plans to develop projects consistent with its vision.


In 2019, there were 3924 companies working in environment-related activities, they represented  3,1% of the territory’s companies and generated 3500 jobs. Therefore, New Caledonia currently ranks second in the French Overseas Territory, behind the Reunion Island. 


Coeur de panneaux solaires


The potential of the green economy in New Caledonia is enormous, thanks to its exceptional ecosystem, its abundant resources which offer business perspectives in various sectors.