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Choose New Caledonia offers you personalized support and monitors, the administrative processing of your projects step by step.

Choose New Caledonia helps you understand the different kind of companies which can be set up in New Caledonia and navigate the key steps involved in  the creation of your New Caledonian subsidiary

Your contact person will provide you with information on business support programs, including financial assistance for start-ups or expansion.  

Choose New Caledonia will solicit the assistance of the various contacts who will participate in the preparation of an offer to visit or an invitation to set up your company (land, real estate)..

Choose New Caledonia provides you with precise information to feed your location study and prepare your provisional business plans with recent figures and data, and adapted solutions.


Your contact person will guide you toward the best  implementation solutions (offices, land, buildings). We will listen to you first, then study your specifications.

Choose New Caledonia will solicit the various contacts who will participate in the preparation of an offer to visit or welcome (land, real estate).

In short, Choose New Caledonia! is there to offer you the best investment opportunities.


While there are many reasons to move to New Caledonia  to set up or acquire a business, it is imperative to have all the information you need to understand the cultural differences that exist; how the New Caledonian business environment works,  consumers’ needs within the business environment, as well as New Caledonian standards and regulations..


In addition to general formalities, starting a business in certain sectors of activity is subjected to a regulatory framework (degrees, approvals, financial guarantees, professional accreditations ). For more information on the professions subjected to a a regulatory framework, you may consult the files on  regulated activities, or obtain the guide to regulated activities at the following address: https://www.cci.nc.

Cesam vous facilite l'accès aux démarches entrepreneuriales


Cette expérience numérique vous est proposée par le gouvernement de la Nouvelle-Calédonie. Elle s’inscrit dans une démarche de soutien des initiatives privées locales.

Cesam, “Centre pour les Entreprises : Simplifier, Accompagner, Moderniser”, est une plateforme collaborative au service de l’écosystème entrepreneurial calédonien.

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