Political institutions

  • .The French Government is represented by the High Commissioner of the Republic who holds regalian powers (Defense, Public Order, Justice, Currency, Foreign Affairs) and has budgetary and legal oversight over local collectivities
  • The Congress is New Caledonia’s deliberative assembly. It is composed of 54 members from the Provincial Assemblies. The Congress votes on Deliberations and Country Laws.  

  •  The Government of New Caledonia is the territory’s executive branch. Elected by the Congress, it determines which draft Deliberations and Country Laws are to be submitted to Congress
  • The Customary Senate is composed of 16 members from New Caledonia’s 8 Traditional Customary Areas. It is consulted (it can be an option or an obligation depending on the case) on all laws and deliberations regarding Kanak identity.


  • The South, North, and Loyalty Island  Provinces each have an assembly, whose members are directly elected for 5 years by citizens. The Provinces have authority in the areas covered by common law.

Institutional Organization
Province Sud
Province Nord
Province des Iles