New Caledonia : a territory of major innovation

New Caledonia is one of the 24 winners of the “Territoires d’Innovation” Initiative,  supported by France a as a part of a major investment plan  which will dedicate 450 million Euros to the large scale development of innovations suited to the transformation needs expressed by the participating territories.

Territoire d'innovation


New Caledonia wants to change its development model, by making  the preservation of biodiversity one of the drivers of  local growth.


several objectives have been set  :

  • Test and roll-out the first submarine cable

  • Fleets of submarine drones
  • Maritime sentinels “Remora”
  • Support the development of new usage, such as virtual tourism
  • Structuring the biotechnology sector, Involve local start-up in preservation and valorisation of biodiverity.


France has allocated 6.1 million Euros in subsidies to support these projects.